What is a Solar Farm?

Creating a Smarter Future

Have you ever found yourself driving on the highway when your attention shifts towards a cluster of resplendent and reflective panels laid out in an open field? These solar farms or solar gardens, as they are known, are sources of clean energy, are sources of renewable energy for local businesses and homes. By harnessing the energy of the sun, solar panels produce enough clean and renewable energy to provide for the needs of countless individuals. Unlike other types of energy, such as coal and nuclear, solar panels use no water, produce no pollution and require very little maintenance over their decades of life. At Renewables Worldwide, Inc., our team is able to educate you on solar farms and leasing and for solar farm development through our key partners. Here’s how to connect to local solar farms for your direct financial benefits

Solar energy is cleaner than the following types of energy sources:

  • Coal
  • Gas
  • Nuclear

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Why Renewables Worldwide, Inc.?

  • There is no risk to landowners
  • We offer convenient leasing options
  • No money out of your pocket when leasing
  • Collect monthly income from your solar panels