Equipment-Free Solar

Go solar with nothing on your roof or property, and ZERO upfront costs!

Equipment-Free Solar allows you to save money on your electricity costs and offset your electricity bill with credits and or rebates generated from clean, solar energy.

Customers who are signed up subscribe to their panels from the optimally located community solar arrays. It truly is the simplest way to go solar!

It Just Makes Sense!

Customers subscribe to a local community solar farm right here in Massachusetts or New Hampshire and receive all of the benefits of going solar, without the hassle or worry of installation, panel purchase fees, or system maintenance.

You are supporting the production of clean, renewable energy that provides substantial benefits for our climate, our health, and our economy.

Contact us today to learn more about Equipment-Free Solar and get a custom quote based on the annual electric consumption!

Why Renewables Worldwide, Inc.?

  • There is no risk to landowners
  • We offer convenient leasing options
  • No money out of your pocket when leasing
  • Collect monthly income from your solar panels